10 Top Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Schools During Covid

Concessions stands are always an option to raise a little extra, too! This will be a fun event you can use to create a sense of community within your school. For this fundraiser, you’ll need to partner with a company that can create decals with your school’s colors and mascot. Don’t forget to promote your drive to the students and your community to maximize how much you raise.
Launching fundraisers for school can provide amazing opportunities for personal growth. Teachers can use online fundraising as opportunities to engage students and encourage them to cultivate compassion inside and outside the classroom. While many elementary school fundraisers focus on meeting a school’s financial needs, consider using a crowdfunding fundraiser to give back instead. Launching a charitable crowdfunding fundraiser can provide amazing opportunities for personal growth.
Here’s an example of an online campaign that has been started to gift people in need with staple food baskets. This can inspire other useful gift ideas for your beneficiaries. With a little brainstorming, your school can find ways to fundraise within your local community that are easy, practical, and beneficial for all involved. Parents are often willing to donate specific items to your school store. Items such as school supplies are useful and inexpensive and give parents a way to participate without overspending. Make a wish list of items and send that list home with students.
Sam’s campaign does a great job of setting out giving levels, as well as specific details around what the money will accomplish and why she needs it. Because of that, she’s on track to reach the goal for her education-based fundraiser. Reach out to your students, their parents, your staff, and your coworkers with our social integrations. Share your school’s campaign via social media sites and email.
Looking for some low-key no-selling school fundraising ideas? Send out letters to your students’ families and the surrounding community, and solicit donations for your particular project or event. A trivia night fundraiser can be an engaging and educational fundraising idea that gets the whole community involved⁠—and learning⁠—rather than limiting the fun to the students. Consider hosting an after-hours trivia night to raise money for your school.
The school Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) or Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is a vital source of school fundraising ideas. PTA and PTO fundraisers can help contribute to school programs and much-needed supplies. Another fundraising idea for schools is a pancake breakfast. Invite students, families, staff and community members to breakfast and charge admission to raise money.
The audience would need to donate to vote for their favorite contestants. With the help of the adults, students can bake their best cakes and have a face-off at the event. Event attendees would need to donate to attend the event and vote for their preferred cupcakes. Penny wars are a great way to encourage friendly competition among students.