The Top 5 Types of Roofing Materials & How to Choose the Right One

Synthetic roofing systems are intended to imitate traditional systems, but in doing so, offer an even more visually pleasing finish. With manifold color choices & styles, you can find the impeccable roof for your home. Department’s Standard No. 43 Test for Determining the Flammability of Solid Materials demonstrated that the fire retardant pressure treated wood shakes and shingles support combustion. Our large assortment of products allows you to create the home of your dreams with ease. Choose from a wide selection of roofing shingles from brands like GAF, ELK, and TAMKO, Versico rubber roofing, and more. We’ve formed strong connections with our distributors, allowing us to stock quality supplies at a fair price.
Although rubber has been around for a long time, rubber roofing is fairly new. That’s because it’s taken a great deal of chemistry research to develop a thin rubber membrane with the durability and waterproof qualities required of a roofing material. EPDM is an abbreviation for ethylene propylene diene monomer, the highly engineered compound used to manufacture most types of rubber roofing.
Like many terra-cotta tiles, they’re fashioned into a wave pattern, which improves airflow between the decking and the roof surface. And that has the ultimate effect of reducing heat transfer and cooling costs in return. Synthetic shakes are a “premium-roofing product,” says Massey, and are more durable than concrete tiles. The term “composite” can apply to several different types of roofing, since it simply implies that a number of different materials are used in the manufacturing process. Today one of the most common types of composite roofing is a simulated roofing slate that is made from resins and from rubber compounds extracted from reclaimed tires. This slate look-a-like offers excellent longevity and a lower installation price while providing the appearance of a traditional slate roof.
Cedar lasts at least 10 years longer than common roofing materials, like asphalt shingles. Are you looking for the right roofing materials for your Los Angeles home? For your guidance, we’ve gathered valuable information for you on how to choose the roof that is perfect for you. Long Roofing has many different types of roof shingles to choose from, including 3-tab, dimensional, and standing seam metal roofs. Our expert team can not only help you in your installation project, but we can help you narrow down the types of shingles that will work well for your particular roof. Metal roofing has become increasingly popular over the last years, and metal roof shingles are often preferred due to their stylish appearance, durability, and flexibility in color and design.
Expensive– The most prominent drawback to zinc roofing is the price. While many variables factor into the cost and prices continue to fluctuate dramatically into 2022, zinc roofing can cost anywhere from $650 to $1100 per roofing square . Barrie Roofing -healing characteristics– Zinc has an outer protective layer that prevents corrosion, scratching, and other panel markings. If wind or another element were to scratch the surface of the zinc roof, the metal’s protective layer would fix and correct itself over time. Self-healing & no red rust – Aluminum is unique in how it handles the minimal corrosion it experiences. When it does corrode, it doesn’t red rust as steel does; instead, it oxides and forms hard oxidation on its coating, which protects the aluminum.
Best for roofs with a lower incline, this rolled material can be hammered easily into place. Architectural asphalt shingles are individual tiles that are thicker than three-tab to create a layered, durable texture on your roof. The higher quality material and longer installation make architectural shingles more expensive.
Yet in the long run the most expensive might be the most cost effective, since you can expect to get 60 to 80 years or even more out of a well installed tile roof. I know of a hard-fired clay shingle roof on a seaside mansion not far from our current project in Manchester. Most homeowners in the U.S. choose asphalt shingles because they are of the easiest to find, most affordable and versatile types of roofing. The most durable types of roofing are slate and clay tiles but they’re more expensive than materials like metal or wood. Functional roofing alternatives like green roofs and solar shingles are among the most expensive types. Metal roofing is a durable material that lasts far longer than other materials.